The Carrol Foundation

Week 4: Where is God?

“Circumstances change. God doesn’t.”

– Pastor WillIAM CARROL
February 21, 2021

The message, Where is God, spoke especially loud today. Maybe the title itself was the breaking of silence that had occurred, as friends and family had gone home and their lives began to return to their usual pace. Mine was just beginning, and though I knew where my family and friends were, I knew where Janine was. I knew where William was. I knew where I was, but I didn’t know where God was in all of this.

I sat in silence, wondering how, where, when I came across the very question plaguing me:
Where is God?  

… And then, the silence breaks and my head lifts. My heart readies as I hear again the voice of my beloved, speaking these words and I begin to be reminded and filled with hope once again.

" know there are times in the Holy Scriptures when people who have ordinary strong faith will have times when their faith is significantly tried, this starts at the head and moves straight through the body. Times when we wonder where is God? "

Like Esther, I needed a Mordecai to come alongside; and not only to speak truth, but to truthfully listen. God, I know where you are. Let the journey continue.

“You and I have got to say: If I can’t see God overhead, I will at least see the devil underfoot.”

– Pastor William Carrol