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Week 3: When Knowing is not Enough

“When God determines to do something there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.”

– Pastor Will
February 14, 2021

It’s Valentine’s day today and I am grateful for the friends who love me, sit with me, cry with me and keep watch over me, I am doing much better than many thought I would and that I think is because William and I chose how and when to love each other and never let a calendar dictate to us when we should love each other more today than any other day, or tell us this is the day we bring home gifts to show our affection, or the day we buy flowers to reflect our feelings. 

 No, everyday was ours.

I loved us; I loved how we chose from the earliest stages of our relationship to love each other every day, every moment as though it was our first and could have been our last.. 

Remember, to take time to love one another always!

I thought it interesting how today’s message I listened today encouraged the idea of being there to support one another, to love one another. A responsibility to care for one another.

Excerpt from, When Knowing is not Enough:
“These are my friends who chose to walk with me into this kind of a place, these are my friends who tried to support me to the best of their ability, these are my friends that I could look to when I was being asked to go into places that I had not gone.  These are my friends and I have a responsibility to them; I have a responsibility to make sure they don’t fall asleep, I have a responsibility to make sure they don’t fall into temptation, I have a responsibility to make sure they don’t forget to pray.  I have a responsibility and I’m not expecting that they’re going to be able to go as far as I go; I’m not expecting that they’re going to go to this thing that God has called me to but I I’m expecting that they will sit and they will watch and they will go as far as they can go and I am expecting that as surely as they express their responsibility to me I’m gonna express my responsibilities to them. Sometimes knowing is not enough but being reminded that we’re a part of a family can push us a little bit farther than we would have ordinarily gone.”