The Carrol Foundation

A word for the Journey

  • Week 7: To Everything there is a Season
    I found much comfort today as l sit here listening once again to these words, these timeless words, that penetrate deep into my soul and cause me to look upward, inward, outward and forward.
  • Week 6: The Value Of A Vision
    Going back to the message, The Value of a Vision. William says something that resonated within my very broken heart. That the disciples had to grasp from the moment they were given a vision
  • Week 5: Don’t Be Afraid
    “Help me sit up, I can’t breathe, I just need to get repositioned. I will be fine.” You gasped while those deep brown eyes gazed into my soul.
  • Week 4: Where is God?
    I knew where William was. I knew where I was, but I didn’t know where God was in all of this.
  • Week 3: When Knowing is not Enough
    I loved us. I loved how we chose from the earliest stages of our relationship to love each other every day, every moment as though they were our first and could have been our last.