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Ka’ren For Christ Ministries

Jesus said, “For whatever you do for the least of these you have done for Me.”

Devoted to Jesus Christ for the Ka'ren people, KFCM was born out of a deep love for those driven out of their homes in Burma/Myanmar and seeking refuge in nations across the world. 

What is the nature of this mission trip in May 2022?

Karen For Christ’s mission is to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God to the Karen ethnic people struggling without food, without homes, and without hope. We want to visit those who have been displaced from their homeland and are currently living in refugee camps in Thailand.

We want to equip Karen Christian evangelists with all that is necessary to return to Myanmar and reach the people in testimony, with Bibles, food and basic health provisions until they are safe and capable of taking care of themselves.

This first trip is scheduled for May 05 – May 25, 2022 and will entail visiting 3-4 refugee camps and possibly the border of Thailand and Myanmar, to help those urgently in need.

Where do the Funds go?

You can help feed a family for a month with $38.

We are raising $15,000 to cover:

$38 – 1x Bag of Rice that feeds a family for an entire month. We want to supply rice to 130x Families in need, Total $4,940.

$11 – 1x Bible in the Karen Language. We want to give 250x Bibles to people, Total $2,750.

$5 – 1x Medicine Kit for emergency relief. We want to supply kits to 200x people in need, Total $1,000.

$10 – 1x Oil, Spices, Sugar for cooking. We want to give 130x bottles of cooking oil to Families, Total $1,300.

~$5,000 – Expenses for 3x Flights, Accommodation (18-nights), Local Travel (19-days) rental, Other Expenses.

What is needed from sponsors?

We need your help. First of all, we and the Karen people need your prayers. Then we need financial support. If you know of organizations that have connections in Burma and Thailand kindly contact us.

The Ka’ren people are very experienced farmers, but because they are forced out from their land, planting and harvesting rice is no longer possible. We are asking for support from you to help feed them, and also minister with the life-changing Gospel entrusted to us.

How did this ministry first start?

This ministry was born in 2021 when David Lah was an alumni and intern at Summit International School of Ministry (founded by David Wilkerson in 1994). With the encouragement of The Carrol Foundation, David began an online video channel devoted to praying for the Karen people. David Lah now feels a heavy burden to return to the refugee camps and share the Gospel in a real and practical way.

Karen refugees fleeing their homes

Who are the Team Members?

This fundraiser is for our 1st Mission Trip happening this spring from May 5- May 25, 2022. Three of our team members Say Wah, David Lah, and Jamie will be supplying the people with resources and bringing the good news of Jesus to the Karen people. This mission trip is only the beginning of what we believe God to do in and through this ministry for the Karen people.

Jamie shares his heart for the persecuted in Myanmar

Who is David Lah?

David Lah (Lar Doh Htoo Lah), of Karen Ethnicity, was himself born in a refugee camp on the border of Burma/Myanmar and Thailand. It is his heart to preach the Gospel to his persecuted people back home. David wants to bring them the message of hope with a reminder that they are not forgotten by those who emigrated.

David Lah (in pink shirt) as a little boy in the refugee camp in which he was born

He wants his people to know that their needs are not being ignored but are remembered by a praying and giving community of Christian believers.

What is the Karen State?

The Karen State. A Still from the documentary film “Like We Don’t Exist”, link to film below.

The Karen State is a region near the eastern border in Burma/Myanmar. Kaw Thoo Lei, (known as Karen State)  is a heavily forested, mountainous strip of land that forms a divider between Thai and Burmese people, as well as between the people and the Irrawaddy delta within Burma/Myanmar. The Karen state is one of seven states in Burma/Myanmar that are separated by the government primarily on the basis of ethnicity. Multiple times a year the Burmese military attacks the villages in the Karen state; and should the people survive and escape these attacks, resulting in the loss of their home and the burning of their livelihoods, they only hope to receive life as a refugee.

Who are the Karen People?

The Karen people are are ethnically and linguistically diverse. Within Karen, there are different sub-groups with different languages, dialects, customs and religions. Their language is considered to be derived from the native Sino-Tibetan language. 

The Karen People during a celebration in the Karen ethnic dress

“Karen” is pronounced Kah- Ren (emphasis on the second syllable). There are some language differences between the Karen. There is a group called the S’ghaw (pronounced Skaw) Karen, and then the Pwo Karen (eastern and western). It is believed to be based on the word ‘Pa Ka Koen Yo’, which means ‘people who live their lives simply’. That’s true, because Karen People really live their lives simply. They inhabit quiet communities and make their living from farming. 

The Karen people along with other minorities have been in a civil war against the Burmese rule since 1962. Although the Burmese signed for a ceasefire in 2012, they implemented a ‘four cuts’ policy, ”targeting civilians rather than guerillas, cutting off access to food, funds, information, and recruits.” 

They need your help. This minority group is treated unjustly and live in fear. Some have lost their limbs, and others their lives. They wonder when they will be forced to leave their village, or if they will ever see it again.

Ban Don Yang Refugee Camp, Thailand

What does TCF do?

  • Facilitates and supervises technical side to filming, subtitling, editing, and publishing;
  • Managing Online Content – comments/viewer base/subscribers & pushing content to targeted audiences in Thailand where the content is most needed, wanted, and made for (original intent – persecuted believers);
  • Personal support and encouragement to David Lah to share more about Karen For Christ Ministries and its purpose to churches in the USA for basic needs. Including:
    • Arranging speaking engagements
    • Raising awareness by calling churches and introducing the ministry;
    • Preparing David Lah for his first mission trip back to Thailand to support the Karen people in preaching, giving them Karen bibles, care packages and food.
  • Communications whether phone, email, or by introduction. Receiving all correspondence in English and responding to them.
  • TCF acts as the financial intermediary for KFCM without taking any commission or fees. All funds collected on behalf of KFCM go directly to David Lah and the ministry.

    If you would like to support and help us send food and Karen Bibles to those in refugee camps, please email us at: God Bless you. 
Six of nine refugee camps. Source: UNHCR

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