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God doesn’t just love you. He really really likes you.

pastor william s. carrol

On January 27th, 2021 William experienced the ultimate healing he always spoke of and completed his race well.  William was just 56 years old and had been in ministry for almost 30 of those years.  He was affectionately known by many as Friend, Father, Mentor, Teacher, and Pastor.  He was a true friend of people and God and the embodiment of Christ’s love. He was loved deeply, treasured dearly and missed desperately.  Left on this side of eternity to continue his legacy are lives that were touched, ministered to and influenced by his life.  I invite you to join me to honor this wonderful man of God.

William’s entire ministry had been developed and expressed under the canopy of World Challenge and Times Square Church.  He had the excellent privilege of being mentored by Pastor David Wilkerson, Pastor Gary Wilkerson, Pastor Carter Conlon and Pastor Teresa Conlon. He earned degrees in Bible, at Central Bible College (B.A.); Awarded membership to the Sigma Chi Pi and Delta Epsilon Chi Honor Societies;  Philosophy of Religion at Denver Seminary (M.A.); and was just a few courses away from a Master of Divinity degree at Denver Seminary.

His ministry experience included Directing Urban missions programs such as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation, a soup kitchen, a street evangelism food-truck; founder and director of two ministry school programs, senior pastor of a church; director of men’s ministry, acting academic dean, etc. also been a volunteer, an intern and a janitor in the house of the Lord.

Till the time of his death, he was actively teaching at Summit International School of Ministry and as an adjunct professor at Lancaster Bible College, impacting every life he taught and mentored, by truly exemplifying the heart and life of a true teacher.