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Send Bibles To Ukraine

Pastors in Ukraine need Bibles

Danyil from Ukraine is studying in a Bible School, while his father is in Lviv and ministering to people in urgent need of bibles.

*Update: March 22, 2022

*** A portion of donated Bibles have been delivered! See a thank you letter from Danyil’s mother at the bottom of the page***

Danyil, is a Ukrainian, studying the Bible here in the USA.  His world has just been shaken.  As he is here, he is unable to be with his family while they are facing a crisis.  Danyil is just 17 years old and though his mother and younger brother have made it safely into Poland, his father, a minister of the Gospel is staying in Ukraine to help practically and be light to their people.  He wants to give them a message of hope, and be light to them during such a dark time.  His dad’s one request is for Bibles in Ukrainian as people are scared, confused and searching for the truth that only God can give.

How can I support?

Join us to help support and remind the Ukrainian people that they are not alone nor forgotten and that their needs are not being ignored but are remembered by a praying and giving community of Christian believers. 

We thank God for all who have given towards getting Bibles into the hands of those in great need. As many Ukrainians are making their way to border towns they are being cared for by Christians in a very real way and Bibles have been a very real need.  

Because of your generous donations, we have been able to purchase Bibles within Ukraine, which has made it cost effective and efficient for pastors to pick up locally and distribute immediately to those they are serving.  To all who have given and served the Ukrainian people let us continue to pray.

If you would like to support and help us send Bibles to those in Ukraine in different ways, please email at: God Bless you. 

*Update: March 22, 2022

A portion of donated Bibles have been delivered! Here is a letter of thanks from Danyil’s mother:

Please see below a note from Danyil’s mom, Luda.  Let us remember to keep this precious couple in prayer during this time:

“We are very grateful to you and to those who donated money to the Bible for our ministry in Ukraine. In this difficult time, people are open to the word of God, prayer and fellowship.  We give them food packages, accommodation, basic necessities, and first of all we give them the Bible and serve them with prayer and spiritual support.  People are broken, they have great stress, someone has lost their home, some of their relatives.  They do not know what to do… so we have the opportunity to serve them and pray with them.

We really appreciate your help!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

– Danyil’s mom Luda and Serhii 

P.S. Please pray about my husband Serhii and all my family in Ukraine.”

Please come back for updates as more Bibles are purchased and distributed. 

God bless you all!