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Encouraging young ministers in their gifts for sharing the Gospel of Jesus and edifying the body of Christ.

Pastor William Carrol was gifted with great insight. He would remind his students often that we can offset the balance of eternity by changing just one life. Oddly enough, most hear this and think this means to be a great evangelists or have to “go” and “do”, but he would speak directly to the person and made sure they understood he was talking to them first and foremost this was not about evangelizing outwardly, yet at least, but firstly, evangelizing, as it were, inwardly. To quote Matthew 22:39, “love your neighbor as yourself”. When you love yourself you will inevitably change and of course, continue outwardly to affect your neighbor and World. Henceforth, become and be a World Changer.

Grace for Haiti

Grace works in Haiti & wants to start a Music School for Children there

Grace Hackleman was a student of the late Pastor William Carrol; she not only studied under him at Summit International School of Ministry but at Lancaster Bible College where he served as an adjunct professor. Grace is from Indiana and came to Summit to grow in God’s word. 

Grace had visited Haiti since 2014 and though she knew she wanted to go and serve there she was unsure of what capacity and what would open up for her. She committed to serve in Haiti full-time as a teacher, and though she had never taught before she found herself feeling called to serve the Haitian people, especially the kids.

Grace currently teaches third, fourth and fifth graders English, but also has the unique privilege of being able to share the Lord of Jesus with them as well and really pour into them all that she learned whilst at ministry school.  We are so happy to welcome her to World Changers and pray that her story is an inspiration to us all and we as part of the body of Christ support our sister while she serves diligently to further God’s Kingdom.


Grace dreams of opening a music school where she can put her amazing skills to use in teaching the Haitian people  how to play and use music as a teaching tool 

Pray for unity among the American missionaries that are serving in Haiti.  They come under such attacks and often take it out on each other. Let’s pray God will unify the hearts that are there serving  for the same reason, furthering God’s Kingdom.

Please consider sharing the link below on your social media platforms and any other way you can think of.  As Grace chooses to serve in a place so foreign to her way of living but she sees the need and is moved in her heart to set aside the way of life she knows and give fully and utterly of herself.  If you have it in your heart to support Grace whether prayerfully, financially or if God is calling you to go.  She will be there and meet you and together let see our God work. 

If you would like to support and help us send musical instruments to help Grace in Haiti, please email us at: God Bless you. 

Help Miguel go to Bible School

Miguel Emilio Valdez is from the Dominican Republic. He is part of the worship team in his local church and teaches how to play the bass to children and youth in the music school at his local church founded by him and other brothers. He believes that God who opens the doors to come to Summit will continue providing all he needs in order to come to the fall semester. He had already seen the hands of God moving in his favor through the application process. Although financially speaking the challenges are huge, God provides to those He calls to do His will in this generation. He desires to come to Summit to receive all the training he needs to minister and reach out to many youth in our generation. He also wants to heal and he understands that it is the best place for him right now in his journey of faith. He wants to grow in each area of development (physical, socio-emotional, spiritual, and cognitive) to become the kingdom man God created him to be in such a time like this.

I write this letter, because I know that you will also be part of the great miracle that God is doing with me

– Miguel Emilio Valdez

Miguel needs to raise $5,500.00 to go to school

Miguel’s Letter to Sponsors:

Greetings and blessings!
My name is Miguel Valdez, I am Dominican, musician and worshiper.  I am currently obeying God's mandate for me at this time.  He has been guiding me through the whole process to go to Summit, because I know he has big plans for me there.
In the summer of last year, God did great things in my life, through Summit missionaries;  Things I'm still thankful for.  God healed me from depression and anxiety and panic attacks;  low self-esteem, and doubt in myself and in what God could do.  I feel in my spirit that God now wants to do more, taking me there.
Currently my economic situation is not very stable, due to many situations that I have been going through, but if God called me, I know that he will support me.  I only have RD$100 in my account, but God told me about a miracle, and I have seen the dates, and how he has been opening doors, and I know he will continue to do so.  That is why I am applying for a scholarship to Summit as I know it is from God
As a way of thanking God, I write this letter, because I know that you will also be part of the great miracle that God is doing with me.
Abundant blessings.  Thank you so much for being part of God's great miracle in my life.

Miguel Valdez (left) with Christian workers in the DR with former Summit alumni Aminadab (center)